Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy set forth by Papa Gorilla mentions the collection and usage of data on our site. Our privacy policies are designed to keep the user data we gather about you secure at all times, and we also consider the usage of security measures to prevent data leaks. You grant us permission to collect and use your information for the reasons outlined below by reading this privacy statement and agreeing with it.

Collection of User Data

Since our website is related to property stuff you need to understand that a significant amount of data is collected. This includes the user data, property details listed by users, and data of the agents. This data include details of the property like property type, transaction type, age of the property, furnishing bathroom, country, state, city, locality, price/sq.ft., possession date, and whether nearby market and hospital or not. Apart from these we also collect the personal details of the property owner, which are essential in order to provide you with accurate services.

Use of this information

We use the above-mentioned information to make sure that we are providing you with seamless services. The user data, property data, and the agent's bio-data helps us find the right match for everyone. For example, a user looking for a property gets property suggestions that are within his budget which makes the user experience great. Further, we also use this information to contact you and provide you with support. Your personal information will be useful for us to verify your identity and offer you prompt customer support if you need our assistance with customer support.

Sharing of this information

We do not share this information with any-third parties. In case there is a need to share the information it is done after getting prior consent from your end. Hence, you need not worry about your personal and property information getting leaked and you getting fraudulent calls all the time.

Security of user data

We use top-notch SSL certificates from the best hosting providers so that your data is safe from breaches. Any data exchanged between you and the website, or let’s put it the other way; any data you provide us is sent to us through SSL encryption which keeps the data safe from any breaches. At Papa Gorilla we prioritize user data first and therefore take firm measures to ensure your data is protected.