Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions define the rules that users need to follow, and the restrictions they are bound to while using our website. The terminology used in the below conditions are:

‘Parties’ refer to both the users and admin of this website. ‘Website usage’ refers to the activities that users perform while surfing the website ‘User Accounts’, and ‘Property Listings’. ‘We’ refers to our team or the super admin who overall manages the tasks done through the website. ‘They’ refer to the property listers and agents who are using the website.

Acceptance of Terms

By continuing to use any sections of this website or any services mentioned, you agree to be compliant with the terms and conditions set forth. Papa Gorilla has the right to modify these terms from time-time without any prior notice. The terms constitute a bond between you and Papa Gorilla, which states in order to stay compliant with these, you may need to check the latest version of our terms and conditions from time to time.

General Terms of Use

Other than the features mentioned on the website and the terms related to those mentioned here, you are not permitted to perform additional actions through our website. You should agree:

Not to copy, distribute, publish, transmit, perform, reproduce, or license the content of Papa Gorilla and use it on another web page, website, or mobile application. Further, you are not allowed to use scraping tools, in order to retrieve user data from the databases, or other pages of the website.

Processes like ‘screen scraping’ and ‘database scraping’ are strictly prohibited while using our website.

You also agree not to disclose any information that has been shared with you by us, for your added security. Anyone pretending to be an executive of Papa Gorilla would be easily identifiable, as we never call to provide any confidential information since we already have the necessary info with us.

Generation of Links

You agree not to generate links that point toward our website from third-party platforms unless we have permitted you to do so. The use and distribution of such links would be considered as fraudulent and proper actions might be taken depending on the severity of the act.

Property Listing

Our website is the perfect place for your property to find its true worth. But listing properties also come with some terms. While listing your property you need to ensure certain things. These are:

You should have the legal authorization to sell or rent the property you are listing.

You should fill in all the fields correctly while listing your property. If there is any mismatch found between the details mentioned by the lister, it will lead to getting banned from our website.

Intellectual Property Rights

When you are uploading a property, you need to provide the necessary information for the end users to make it simple for them to choose. You as a lister, should have the right to upload the pictures, descriptions, and images of the individual rooms. Any content should not violate any third-parties copyright infringement.

Prohibited content

All property listings on our website should contain accurate information. You agree to post/upload any information that is misleading and causes users to face inconveniences. You are not allowed to upload any explicit image, content, spam information, or any content that violates someone else’s copyright infringement.

Limitation of Liability

Papa Gorilla will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damage caused due to the interference of any third-party entity from the user's end.